Project Update

The key focus for the last year has been the external expert review of the work undertaken to date to inform the next steps, the strength of the bid and future project stakeholders (with whom to engage). The review confirmed that a potential case for World Heritage listing exists, however, further research and analysis is required.

The expert review also considered the Federal Government’s feedback on the National Heritage listing nomination, which acknowledged the depth of the research undertaken for the bid and extent of community support, but noted concerns about the size of the area being nominated and the lack of clear State Government support for the bid.

In response there has been increased focus on engaging with the State Government and specifically the Department of Environment and Water (DEW). Encouragingly, DEW have actively participated in the expert review which has assisted with building mutual understanding and identifying opportunities to refine the bid’s value proposition, or in world heritage terms, the strength and clarity of the ‘statement of significance’. It is anticipated that this will enhance understanding and provide a strong foundation for ongoing engagement with the next goal being to seek the Minister for Environment and Water’s support to put the bid forward for World Heritage listing at a future Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Meeting of Environment Ministers.

It is noted that this period also saw the first full year of the newly elected State Government and changes at key government agencies and departments. Local government elections were also held resulting in some new Mayors and elected members. A federal election was also held with changes ensuing to Federal Government Ministers and departments. The significant political changes are both a challenge and opportunity which will require new relationships to be formed and education on the bid’s rationale and potential benefits to occur.

Next Steps

In terms of progressing this iconic project, the following key tasks need to be undertaken in the near to short term:

  1. Seek to identify ongoing collaboration opportunities with the State Government to progress the bid
  2. Undertake the additional research work identified in the Expert Review Report
  3. Undertake a governance review to identify the best model for the next phase of the bid process
  4. Explore possible collaboration with the City of Adelaide’s World Heritage bid, which the Expert Review Report  identified, noting that the City is part of the early systematic colonisation story.

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World Heritage Bid Expert Review

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